Customer Support- Get Started

Plug in

Connect the small end of power adapter into the input on the bottom of the lamp, then place the lamp on the table and plug into the power socket. You can plug out to cut off the power. You can move the lamp to anywhere in the room, the lamp will re-connect to WIFI after plugging in as long as it’s within WIFI hotspot range.

*please do not cover the top of lamp when in use.

Gesture Control

Switch on/off: Move your hand sideways within 10~15 cm range over the top of the lamp to turn the light off and back on.

Adjust the brightness: Move your hand up and down within 10~15 cm range over the top of the lamp. When reaching the right amount of lighting you need, hover your hand for 1 or 2 seconds until the lamp blinks once to finish the setting.

* when adjusting the brightness, if your hand is too low or too high from the top, the lamp will dim to a minimum brightness level. Hover your hand within 10~15 cm range over the top of the lamp and the lighting will return to normal.

Set up WIFI connection: Knock on the edge of the lamp panel for 5 times and the lamp will start blinking. Then you can set up WIFI connection in the Roome App.

Restore default settings: Knock on the edge of the lamp panel for 10 times, and the lamp will start blinking for 10 times. When the blinking stops and lighting become normal, it has finished successfully resetting the lamp to default.

Bluetooth Music (Available with RoomLight Music)

Enabling Bluetooth on your smart phone and bring your smartphone within 10 m (33 ft.) to your lamp. Choose the device name that begins with “Roome”. When you hear the notification sound, it means Bluetooth pairing is successful and then you can play music.

* The lamp will turn off the music automatically when it thinks no one is in the room or the user has fall asleep. If the lamp has been connected with multiple smartphones via Bluetooth, the lamp will connect with the most recently connected smartphone first.

Wake-up Lighting

The alarm clock from Roome will wake you up with flashing lights at your set wake up time in the app. When you are awake, you can turn off flashing light alarm by a gentle knock on the edge of lamp panel. If you enable auto-turnoff in the app, the lamp will turn off the flashing light alarm automatically when you get up from the bed.

Automatic Control

Integrated with ambient light sensors, vibration sensors and motion detectors, RoomeLight can detect human presence and level of brightness in the room and then decide whether to turn the light on or off.

For example: If the room is bright or people left the room, the lights will automatically turn off. If the room is dark or people come inside the room, the lights will turn on. In the late night, if you get up from the bed, RoomeLight will turn on with a dimmed light.

Contact ROOME

For customer support, please email us at :, we are always here to help.