Customer Support- App User Guide

Download and install

Scan the QR code to download and install free ROOME App or search “ROOME Light” in Apple App store or Google Play Store.

Add a device

First, please plug your lamp into a power source. Make sure your smartphone is connected to WIFI, click “New Device” button on the up left, choose “Roome Smart Light (3D Gesture)”, make sure your device is plugged in and check “Connected”, then then click “ continue”.

ROOME App will begin to search all connected devices, if your RoomeLight is new, you may skip this. If your RoomeLight has been connected to your smartphone before, a device list will show up in the next page and then you may choose the device you want to add in the list.

If your RoomeLight is new, please click “skip” and jump to a new page called” Prepare For Wi-Fi Connection”. Now please knock on the edge of the lamp panel for 5 times, and the lamp should be flashing. Now check “The light is flasing” and click “continue”. Then enter the password for your WIFI and then click “Connect”.

* please be noted RoomeLight does not support WIFI-5G, please switch back to WIFI-2.4G and re-connect.

Finally, click “Done” to successfully finish WIFI setup. Choose the device you want to add in the connected devices list, and then the device you choose will show on the front page of the App.

Some features

On/off and Brightness adjustment: click to switch on or off, swipe to adjust brightness.

Time-delay switch off: Choose to turn off the lights at a given time in the settings.

Wake-up Light: RoomeLight will wake you up with flashing lights at your set wake up time in the app. You can set up a wake-up time, whether to repeat and how to turn the alarm off.


Name:choose a name for your device

ID: Your device will be assigned to a given ID.

Select Room:Please choose which room you wish to place your RoomeLight.

Leaving Auto-Off Settings: Enable the light to automatically turn off when you leave the room. You can set a time period to disable this function.

Sleeping Auto-Off Settings: Enable the light to automatically turn off when you fall asleep. You can set a time period to enable this function.

Timer On/Off: Set a timerto turn on/off the lights at a give time.

Delayed off: Turn off the lights automatically after 5 to 90 minutes.

WIFI connection: Shows WIFI connection status.

Time and date: Set current time and date.

Advanced setting: Adjust the sensitivity of sensors.

Help:Check general FAQ’s.

Restore to default settings: Remove all connection info and self-learn data.

Delete a device:Delete a device from the App.

Contact ROOME:

For customer support, please email us at : , we are always here to help.