Light up your imagination


Creative design

Mixed material

Charge easily


Distinctive design,
inspired by waterdrop

Combination of metal and stone shows the beauty of nature

USB charging ports

Roome Mini (Flagship) owns a separable charging base that is stable and easy to charge.


Portable lighting with full function

Easy to carry

Wireless connection


Small in size, big on features

Presence detection
Smart algorithm
Remote access
Energy saving

Discover the magic of light

Integrated with different kind of sensors (no camera), Roome Mini uses presence detection technology and smart algorithms to turn on/off automatically for you.

Presence detection, smart and elegant

Roome Mini uses presence detection sensors to turn lights on when you enter the room in the dark. Roome will also automatically turn lights off when you leave the room or fall asleep to save energy and protect the environment.



Bluetooth connection

Connect Room Mini via bluetooth with your smartphone, and you can brighten or dim the lights with Roome Light App.


Energy saving,
charge 5 times for a whole year

It only take 2 hours to fully charge and it works for 2 months

Bed light, wall light or closet light,
Roome Mini for all your needs.

Closet light


Roome Mini will allow you to effectively illuminate your closet space making your morning dressing routine a real pleasure


Bed light


Roome Mini gives your room a distinctive design as well as the comfort of having your floor illuminated as soon as you get out of bed.


Desk light


Roome Mini provides enough illumination for you to read or study at your desk.


Mood light


Warm and soft lighting put you and your loved one in a good mood


Outdoors light


Roome Mini is great for camping. Bring one and illuminate your whole tent.


A perfect gift

Spread the joy and your friends will surely love Roome Mini.


Roome Mini plus(Flagship)
Height(mm/inch):150/6 Diameter (mm/inch): 80/3.2
Aluminium alloy, leather, plastic
CNC diamond cutting, anodized aluminium matte finish, transparent lamp shades
LED 0.8W
1200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Charging mode
Aluminium charging base
Charging time
2 hours
15 hours continuous lighting