Interested in Becoming a Distributor or Partner?

If you would like to be considered as ROOME distributor or business Partner, please contact us via email at roger@heyhomi.com
All distributors or partners are chosen by ROOME based on the volume of purchase, company credibility, brand strength and others.

Distributor Type Needed

Company with good sales performance in similar product. Company or trader willing to order a considerable volume at a given time and is willing to commit to the high levels of customer service needed. Please note that prices solely depends on quantity you are willing to order at a giving time.

Partner Type Needed

A company or individual that can bring something different to the table. Company or individual who is either willing to invest or has access to a market, or with great connections.
Sending us your details does not automatically make you a distributor or partner and we reserve the right not to contact you after we receive the details.
We welcome every interested company or individual in all countries and we look forward to working with you.