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Roome Released New Roome Light Music

A Smart Lamp Integrated with Bluetooth Speaker

The Roome Light Music brings you to a new generation of smart lamp that is able to adapt to your preferences and habits, automatically turning on and off as it's needed. It even offers personalized functionalities, such as 3D gesture control, Bluetooth music, a companion app, USB charging ports, a schedule timer, and wake-up lighting mode.

The Bluetooth loudspeakers are built inside the lamp for a sleek silhouette that lets you play music from your lamp to create the perfect environment. It even offers presence detection, to automatically turn on when you enter the room, and off again after long periods of inactivity.

The patented gesture control feature means you can power the light on or off, and even adjust the brightness by waving your hand, and it learns as you go, using algorithms to determine your preferred brightness and activity patterns. You can also control the lamp through the free Roome app, to precisely create settings and timers - even a gradual light brightening that wakes you up the morning.

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