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Roome Mini Plus: Smart Night Light for Children

Smart night light provides comforting glow for children if they wake up in the night

Roome Mini Plus is a smart LED light, which automatically turns on when you enter a room in the dark. It’s soft light will soothe children, while offering enough for parents to feed, or check on children safely.

If your child wakens in the night, the Roome Mini Plus will detect that movement and provide a comforting light so that they do not have to wake up in pitch blackness. As soon as they fall back asleep again the light will automatically turn off.

Ultra-portable, parents can move from room to room easily checking on their children with the Roome Mini Plus without waking anyone up. With full charge, the Roome Mini Plus can last up to 10 hours.

Meet Roome Mini Plus:

The smart night light learns from your child’s behavior and movements. If a feed always happens at a certain time it will automatically turn on.

When your child goes to the bathroom during the night, the lamp will light up the floor so that they can get to the bathroom and back without disorientation or stubbed toes.

With incredibly easy set up, you can control your Roome Mini Plus from your smartphone with both iOS and Android devices. The easy to use app and long battery life means it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. You can put it next to your child’s bed, on your bedside table and use as a lantern to check on them, or even take it out camping.

Design and materials:

The Roome Mini Plus is beautifully crafted from premium and the LED is set behind a durable semi-transparent PMMA lampshade. A leather belt is attached to the lamp so you can use it as a lantern.

How it works:

You can use Roome Mini Plus with or without its aluminum base attached. The aluminum is magnetic so it easily attaches to the lamp.

When the base is attached, it simultaneously supplies the LED with light and charges the lithium built-in battery.

With up to 10 hours of battery, it is the perfect companion for children night after night. Also perfect for using as a lantern, it can be used during evening meals in the garden, walks in the park, or nights at the beach. Whether you’re in the house or on a trip, the Roome Mini Plus is perfect to guide your path and offer dimmed, beautiful lighting to your evening.

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