We created ROOME to be simple


ROOME is a brand owned and operated by Beijing Homi Technology Co.(abbreviated as "HOMI" in the following). HOMI is dedicated to improving remote control and machine learning technology to make home automation products that are simple and delightful.The founding members of HOMI comes from Alibaba, HULU, IBM, Samsung, Amazon, etc. The company was founded in June 2015 and launched RoomeLight Air Touch in December. In 2017, HOMI will release new products RoomeLight Mini and RoomeSwitch. HOMI will continue its successful course and introduce more products over the coming years.


We believe that technology can enrich our life and improve our lifestyle. We incorporate technology into your everyday things such as lights, curtains and home appliances and now they can work better for you, making you feel more in control, more efficient and more delighted. We are dedicated to creating a thoughtful home that always know what you need and when you need it.


HOMI's R&D center and headquarter is located in Beijing, China. HOMI is now expanding its footprints to establish offices in Seattle, London, Seoul and across the world to meet global customers.

Beijing HQ: A109, RCDL Industrial Park Tower B, No. 5, Guangshun N. RD, Beijing, China


Company timeline

  • June 2015

    The company is founded
    We developed ROOME HEP technology
    We build first prototype
  • December 2015

    HOMI introduced itself to the world with RoomeLightAir touch
  • March 2016

    We launched RoomeSwitch
    We introduced electronic control unit integrated with ROOME HEP AI technology
  • May 2016

    We launched HOMI cloud and big data analysis platform
  • June 2016

    The world meets RoomeLight Air Touch
    We run a successful campaign on Kickstarter
  • July 2016

    We introduced IOT moduleembedded with ROOME HEP AI technology
  • September 2016

    RoomeLight Music is here!
  • October 2016

    We introduced home appliance module integrated with ROOME HEP AI technology
  • December 2016

    We launched RoomeLight Mini and RoomeLight Mini plus
    We lauchedRoomeSwitch Bluetooth (Chinese edition and Korean edition)
    We launched kitchen electronic appliance module integrated with ROOME HEP AI technology
  • Jan 2017

    RoomeLight Nano and RoomeSwitchWifi are on the way